Thursday, May 16, 2013

God created a donkey...

God created a donkey. Quite satisfied with his creation he sent one copy to the jungle and retained another in his workshop to work further on it. 
When God found free time, He removed the animal’s hoofs, gave him a flexible palm and topped it with jointed fingers. The moment God released the animal, he climbed the nearest fruit tree and threw a half-eaten fruit on God’s head. God realized his mistake but as per his self-imposed protocol, he could not have taken the privilege back from the animal. So he cajoled him to climb down and sit before him. 
The moment the animal sat there, God pounced upon him and gave him a strong shot of anesthesia  To teach him a lesson, God cut his ears and to disable his power to climb trees, cut his tail. But God didn't want to waste these organs, and so he stuffed these into the animal’s head. He removed a few bones from the animal’s spine and a few muscles from his belly, plucked some hair from his neck and made him recline against the tree. Now the animal could sit under the tree on his back legs. 
 Quite proud of his new creation, God thought of putting wings too on him next to his forearms. Sure that the animal would not come to senses soon, God went to the store to look for a pair of wings that He had kept as an extra copy of the ones He had put on birds. But when God came back, he found the animal missing. He searched for him everywhere but couldn't find him. 
 Ages later, when God was fed up with the earth and had permanently left for his home in the heaven, the animal came out from the cave that he had made his shelter. He sat on the seat where God used to sit. He proclaimed himself God. God never returned to see his tail-less creature; dare he?