Sunday, February 24, 2013

A homo sighted in a mirror in Delhi; disappears on turning head!

 A homo was sighted by a blogger in his Delhi house mirror, but the catch was, it disappeared the moment he moved his gaze away. 
 Well, this is not a story on a news-entertainment channel with a morphed video and commentary of doomsday arriving with the sighting of Halloween images on clouds. It is a true sighting, and could have been captured if the reporter had a camera at that time. 
 The blogger says, he cannot claim to have been the first; in fact, such sightings are supposed to have been in millions over the ages, but are seldom reported in this clear manner. And for this courage, this report may give the blogger the coveted ‘blogger of the year’ award, and the report may go viral on social media. When contacted, the blogger said he was busy typing a blog post on the subject. 
 What is a homo? Right question, though slightly wrong in placement. The blogger says, it has nothing gay in it. Then what? The expression was used in the 19th century to describe certain types of primates – animals who stood on two feet and had a big brain and a sense of emotions. Well, scientists love to call the orang-utan and chimpanzee a homo. Homos of  the type seen by the blogger are the deadliest of them and are supposed to have not evolved for ages, at least not since the 19th century scientists gave them the name. Their habits seem to have undergone a change every few years but for the worse, so much so that over 90% of their population is supposed to be suffering from one or the other ailment. These homos live in societies; initially their colonies were just groups, then they seemed like colonies of honeybees and have now turned into rapacious ones like those of African marching ants. If you are a woman, you’d dread to roam at night with a homo of this type around you. Not like a tiger or a croc who’d attack you to fulfill his carnivorous needs, this breed of homo can attack just for the fun of it.
 Coming back to the sighting. The blogger reports that as soon as he woke up, he wiped his eyes, opened the window to ensure it was morning, and went to the mirror. He looked into it and there was the homo in it. He’d seen the creature before too, but he realized the importance of the sighting this morning only because he’d found on the web the previous night that the one he'd just seen in the mirror is called Homo sapiens sapiens, the most evolved of the homos!